Catalina Scuba Luv Staff

Bob Kennedy – “BK" or "B-Kizzel”

Bob Kennedy Scuba luv

Hometown – South Pasadena, CA


  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • SSI Crossover Trainer
  • DSAT Tec Deep Instructor
  • EFR Instructor
  • TDI Master Instructor
  • 22 PADI Specialty Instructor Ratings
  • Certified EMT
  • 100 Ton USCG Captain's License
  • Father of Four (ALL GIRLS)
  • Did we mention he's the mayor?!

Favorite Dive Site – Farnsworth Banks, Ship Rock or Bob's Mountain.

Quote – “You know what really burns my bum?...”

Bob has been enjoying the island since he was born. As a child BK frequently visited the island to enjoy a day of sailing. He started diving in 1971 and became instantly hooked. After marrying his college sweetheart, Tina (a.k.a. Mrs. Mayor), he came to the island to make his way. In 1984 he and Tina started the Catalina Diving Resort out of one of the hotels on the island. Since that time the pair ditched the hotel industry and totally submerged themselves in SCUBA. Now Bob is happiest with a rebreather on his back and a camera in his hands.

Why Scuba Luv?

"I love being able to share my experience on the water and my passion for the ocean with our friends and guests. I also love the challenge of keeping everyone safe on a daily basis."

Bob's Scuba Gear:

  • BCD – Scubapro Classic
  • Reg – Atomic Titanium
  • Mask – Scubapro Frameless
  • Wetsuit – Oneill Avalon
  • Fins – Scubapro Twin Jets
  • Computer – Uwatec (Recreation) VR3 (Technical)

Tina Kennedy: “TK" or "Mrs. Mayor”

Tina Kennedy

Hometown – Banning, Ca

Scuba Certifications

Rescue Diver for Life or ... the 10-year Divemaster program

Favorite Dive Site – Blue Car Wreck or Red Rock Quarry

Quote –“Everything is hilarious.” Or “It will all work out.”

Living on the island for more than 25 years, Tina spends her time raising kids – raising adults and keeping everything afloat and the chaos semi-orderly. Mother of four girls and six professional divers she spends the off season teaching pre-school because she just can’t get enough. Understandingly she loves diving for its serene peacefulness. She loves spending time looking for the little things; brittle star fish, giant kelp fish and nudibranches.

Why Scuba Luv?

"We have the best people for co-workers. I love being surrounded by multi-talented people who “luv” what they do."

Tina’s Scuba Gear:

  • BCD – Scubapro Classic
  • Reg – Atomic
  • Mask – Omer
  • Wetsuit – Henderson Gold Core
  • Fins – Atomic Split
  • Computer – Uwatec Smart Com

Nicolette "Nickey" Kennedy

Nikki Kennedy

aka: Bubba

Avalon, CA

Jr. openwater diver (training for advance)

Favorite Dive Sites: Red Rock Quarry, Indian Rock, Garibaldi

Quote:"Yeah man!"

Nicolette has attended all of Avalon Schools. The youngest of Kennedy girls is very adventurous. Loves to go to the beach, and play sports.

Why CSL? IT is a family working environment

Dive gear?

  • Wetsuit-Deep Sea, my size!
  • Mask-OMNI jr.
  • Scubapro bc

Tim Mitchell: “Kiwi" or "SCUBA JERK”

Tim Mitchell Catalina Scuba Luv

Hometown - New Plymouth, New Zealand

Scuba Certifications

  • PADI IDC Staff Instructor
  • DSAT Tec Deep/Trimix Instructor
  • EFR Instructor
  • TDI Rebreather
  • 17 PADI Specialty Instructor Ratings

Favorite Dive Site – Farnsworth Bank or Little Farnsworth

Quote: “I think I'll go diving for a change.”

Born and raised in New Zealand, Tim moved to the USA and Catalina Island in September 2000. He began working as a Divemaster and later became an instructor. Since that time he harnesses his creativity as a musician, photographer and videographer. Checkout his online portfolio at

Why Scuba Luv?

"To work at Scuba Luv is to become a member of an extended Kennedy family, this is useful when my own family is 7500 miles away. I love the fun work environment, and my enjoyable and fun workmates."

Tim’s Scuba Gear:

  • BCD – DiveRite Harness
  • Reg – Scuba Pro S550/ Sherwood Brut
  • Mask – Deep Sea Omni
  • Wetsuit – O’neill J-Type
  • Fins – Scubapro Twin Jet
  • Computer – Suunto D9

Chris Blehm

Chris Blehm: Catalina Scuba Luv
  • PADI #155709
  • Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Resort Operations Specialist
  • Nitrox Instructor and Blender
  • Lots of Specialty Certs
  • BA - English and Drama - The Colorado College
  • Professional Clear Credential - English - Cal State Long Beach
  • MFA - Creative Writing - National University

Favorite Dive Site

  • Boat: Ship Rock
  • Shore: Casino Point
  • Worldwide: Ras Muhammad - Sharm el Sheikh

Quote: “Far better to dare mighty things, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” - Teddy Roosevelt

Why ScubaLuv?

The sense of family and friendliness combined with dedication and professionalism make ScubaLuv the best place to work and dive.

Chris's Gear

  • Reg: ScubaPro MK20 A700 or G500, + AIR2
  • BCD: Jet Harness or ScubaPro back plate
  • Mask: ScubaPro Frameless
  • WS: 7mm one piece w/ hooded vest
  • Fins: ScubaPro split fins w/ spring straps
  • Computer: Old school Uwatec blue brick

Quentin Bubb

quentin bubb scuba


  • PADI Rescue Diver, DM in training
  • Nitrox Blender
  • 100 ton USCG License on the way
  • TDI Rebreather
  • 17 PADI Specialty Instructor Ratings

Favorite Dive Site – I'm happy anywhere on the island.

Quote: "I may look young but I'm qualified"

Born in Redlands, CA played tennis in high school and now attends LMU. He has been coming to the island since he was a toddler and now enjoys living on the island during the summer and working hard. Not sure what he wants to do when he gets older, "there are just too many options."

Why Scuba Luv?

Why not Scuba Luv? It's a family run environment with the best instructors and staff which make it a great place to work and learn.


  • BCD: Aqualung Malibu RDS
  • REGULATOR: Aqualung Titan
  • WETSUIT: Aqualung SolAfx
  • MASK: Black Omni
  • Fins: Scubapro Twin Jets

Rachel Bubb

Rachel Bubb: Catalina Scuba Luv


  • PADI Open Water Diver
  • PADI Advanced Diver
  • PADI Rescue Diver

Favorite Dive Site: Where there are black sea bass!

Quote:“I’m just trying to have a good time.”

Born in Redlands, CA and now attends UC Berkeley intending to major in Conservation and Resource Studies. She played tennis all four years in high school and enjoys any outdoor activity. Rachel has been coming to the island with her family and big brother, Quentin, since she was a baby. In the future she sees herself working with the ocean by reducing pollution and restoring the marine world! She is hoping that this sort of work will take her to South America for a few years.

Why Scuba Luv?

Because Bob and Tina are just too great not to work for! The staff is fun and never ceases to have a good time. Also, I get to work with my brother everyday and I couldn’t pass that up.

Chris Howard - "Howie"

Chris Howard: Catalina Scuba Luv

Home town: Avalon, Ca.


  • Dive Master
  • Inspiration Rebreather
  • Tec 40
  • gas blender

Favorite Dive Site: Anywhere King Neptune goes

Quote: "Tis better to remain silent and be thought the fool than open one's mouth and remove all doubt" Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain. "So shut-up and put the regulator in your mouth" Tim Mitchell

Why Scuba Luv?

Luv who I work with. It's like a second family. Getting paid to splash around in the water never hurts either.


  • BCD - DiveRite backplate, harness, and wing
  • Reg - ScubaPro mk25 first stage A700 second stage
  • Mask - Oceanic Mini Shadow
  • Wetsuit - AquaLung SolAfx (DUI DrySuit)
  • Fins - Riffe Silent Hunter freediving fins
  • Computer - ScubaPro Meridian

Mike Owens

Mike Owens: Catalina Scuba Luv

Hometown – Anaheim, CA


  • SSI Advanced Instructor
  • SDI / TDI Instructor

Favorite Dive Site Boat- Farnsworth Banks, Ship Rock

Favorite Dive Site Shore- Casino Point

Quote:“If it was easy trained apes would be doing it, and No deposit no return...”

Mike Owens was first certified in 1974 with NASDS and worked as an assistant in 1975 during a High School SCUBA class getting his PADI certification. He credits his cousin Cynthia for letting him in his pool as a child for igniting his desire to become a diver. He has been coming to the island most of his adult life with a few pauses in his diving to raise the family. He started boating back to paradise with his family and got addicted to the island and the sport of diving again in 1995. He started diving re-breathers in 2005 and became certified on the Inspiration Classic (YBOD) in 2006. He is an SSI, SDI/TDI instructor and currently has a re-breather fetish! You can find Mike at the shop or spending tips on beer when he is on the island, assuming he’s not underwater.

Why Scuba Luv?

"I love to share the ocean with others through education and getting wet."


  • BCD – Scubapro Knighthawk and Zeagel Ranger
  • Reg – MK25 and S600, Dive Rite for pony.
  • Mask – Scubapro Frameless
  • Wetsuit – Xcel (on the boat and home) and Aqua Lung SolAfx (on the island)
  • Fins – Scubapro Twin Jets but thinking about big boy fins
  • Computer – Uwatec (Recreation) VRx (Technical)
  • Rebreather – Evolution and Evolution+ (aka Jezebel 2&3)