Mike Owens

Catalina Scuba Luv

Mike Owens

Hometown – Anaheim, CA
  • SSI Advanced Instructor

  • SDI / TDI Instructor

Favorite Dive Site Boat- Farnsworth Banks, Ship Rock

Favorite Dive Site Shore- Casino Point

Quote:“If it was easy trained apes would be doing it, and No deposit no return...”

Mike Owens was first certified in 1974 with NASDS and worked as an assistant in 1975 during a High School SCUBA class getting his PADI certification. He credits his cousin Cynthia for letting him in his pool as a child for igniting his desire to become a diver. He has been coming to the island most of his adult life with a few pauses in his diving to raise the family. He started boating back to paradise with his family and got addicted to the island and the sport of diving again in 1995. He started diving re-breathers in 2005 and became certified on the Inspiration Classic (YBOD) in 2006. He is an SSI, SDI/TDI instructor and currently has a re-breather fetish! You can find Mike at the shop or spending tips on beer when he is on the island, assuming he’s not underwater.

Why Scuba Luv?

"I love to share the ocean with others through education and getting wet."


  • BCD – Scubapro Knighthawk and Zeagel Ranger

  • Reg – MK25 and S600, Dive Rite for pony.

  • Mask – Scubapro Frameless

  • Wetsuit – Xcel (on the boat and home) and Aqua Lung SolAfx (on the island)

  • Fins – Scubapro Twin Jets but thinking about big boy fins

  • Computer – Uwatec (Recreation) VRx (Technical)

  • Rebreather – Evolution and Evolution+ (aka Jezebel 2&3)

Catalina Scuba LUV

126 Catalina Avenue,

Avalon, CA 90704

Phone. 310-510-2350

Email. scubaluvcatalina@att.net