JP Edwards

Catalina Scuba Luv

JP Edwards


Rescue Diver

Favorite Dive Site:

The Valiant Wreck
(Itching to dive Farnsworth Bank)


Garden Grove CA,


"Work hard, play harder."

I fell in love with the ocean with my family from an early age and always wanted to spend as much time as possible underwater. Watching my family dive with out being able to join left me craving for the opportunity. My oldest sister worked summers for the Kennedy's, and I couldn't wait for my turn. I have been dive-certified for four years now, and I love it.

Why Scuba Luv?

Insuring safety for all your underwater endeavors
It's like walking into another family! That's what Scuba LUV is about!!!

Catalina Scuba LUV

126 Catalina Avenue,

Avalon, CA 90704

Phone. 310-510-2350