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Discover SNUBA® Diving!

Discover SNUBA® Shore Dive: $79.00*

*Additional $20 private fee if only one participant on tour.

With absolutely no water experience necessary, this adventure is a perfect introduction to the vast underwater world. Already an experienced snorkler? SNUBA serves as an ideal bridge from snorkeling to diving. In this program you have the opportunity to breathe underwater without all of the heavy and cumbersome equipment needed in SCUBA diving.

Snuba kids Catalina Island

Our professional and friendly guides will show you the immense underwater world up-close and personal. Snuba diving is in the oceans “life zone” found within the first 30 feet of water. This is where you will find more color, more fish, more kelp and certainly more entertainment.

Snuba Couple Catalina Island

After a 15-minute orientation, your Snuba Guide will accompany you on an underwater tour that is safe, easy and enjoyed at your own level of comfort.

Ages 8 and older are able to descend a maximum depth of 20 feet, while children 5 to 7 year olds are able to enjoy the view from the surface.

Snuba girl Catalina Island

After the dive, enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere on Catalina Island. All of the necessary gear is included and the experience takes only 1.5 hours.

*Private fee of $20.00 for parties fewer than two.